JBAP Techs Do A Fantastic Job Pulling Parts In The Winter Months

It’s freezing cold, temperatures dropping into the single digits and even below zero. Snow, freezing rain and wind chills reaching below zero at times and our techs here at Jerry Brown’s Auto Parts continue to pull a high volume of parts from vehicles despite the brutal weather elements. Imagine your job is to walk and or drive through snow in over 10 acres of land with 2500 vehicles on it. It is snowing out, wind is blowing and the total accumulation of snow expected is 12 inches. You need to pull an axle shaft off a certain vehicle. First, your yard must be very organized to make sure you are at the correct vehicle. You must find the vehicle then begin removing the specific part needed for the customer. Your hands are freezing and snow is blowing down your back and your extremities just don’t want to work properly. You get the correct part removed with care and continue this same task on other vehicles and different parts all day long to keep up with the order demand. This is a tough job and our techs here face the weather elements everyday here and do an amazing job. I am happy we have these guys here to pull my parts as I sit in my heated office out of the brutal cold weather. You guys are amazing and I truly appreciate the job you do to make sure our customers get their needed part in a timely manner. Thank you!


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The Environmental Impact of the Automotive Recycler

jbaprecyclesmallVisitors to our facility are always surprised by the environmental impact of our automotive recycling process. All of the vehicles we purchase are essentially 100% recycled which prevents damage to the environment that would occur if they were allowed to to sit and decay. Obviously, as an automotive recycler, we dismantle vehicles and sell as many of the parts as possible to both repair facilities and consumers with our delivery trucks covering the entire New York Capital Region and our daily nationwide shipping by UPS and various freight carriers. Any remaining unsold parts of the vehicle are crushed for scrap metal and recycled.

However, besides all of the parts we reclaim and sell, a lesser known side of our process is the proper handling of the hazardous materials from the vehicles we dismantle. Below is a list of single year’s statistics for items we have either recycled or safely disposed of and prevented entry into the environment:

Used Oil: 1944 gallons all of which we either used to heat our facility or were consumed in our oil disposal system which utilizes oil consuming bacteria.

Gasoline: 14,410 gallons all reused in our company vehicles

Diesel Fuel: 320 gallons all reused in our delivery trucks

Washer Fluid: 454 gallons recycled

A/C Refrigerant: 750 pounds recycled

Antifreeze: 2660 gallons safely disposed

Brake Fluid: 180 gallons safely disposed

Transmission Fluid: 2161 gallons safely disposed

Power Steering Fluid: 360 gallons safely disposed

Lead-Acid Batteries: 1422 recovered and safely disposed

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Buy Used/Save Money/Save the Environment

 You back your car into something in the driveway and your tail light is smashed. You stop by your local dealership and they can order you a new tail light. Wow, $150.00 for the part and $30.00 labor to install. Wait, stop! Have you ever thought about purchasing a used tail light and maybe installing it yourself? You may be surprised but a tail light that was removed from a salvaged car may only cost you $50.00. This tail light may also be as clean as a brand new tail light that cost $150.00 and guess what, they look the same and they also will function the same way. Tail lights are relatively easy to install and usually you can watch how to do it on You Tube. It is amazing how many people have You Tube videos showing you how to work on your vehicle or change a simple part in your vehicle.

What if the salvage yard does not have the part I need? Well, with our computer technology and all our partner yards we have access to an astronomical amount of inventory which is accessible with the click of a mouse.

Is a used part going to last like a new part. Well, our parts come with a standard 6 month warranty and we also offer extended and lifetime warranties which can surpass a dealerships warranty.

When you buy a used recycled part you are helping the environment. Every recycled auto part is one less new part that has to be manufactured.

Think about it, the next time you need a part for your vehicle, make a call to your Salvage yard, get a price, check out You Tube for installation and do it yourself. Save some money and the environment all at one time.

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The Jaguar Hybrid

Jaguar has recently announced it will build a hybrid vehicle. The high end car maker has recently commited to building a gasoline/electric sports car that will exceed speeds of 200 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds. Previously announced last October as a “concept car” only, the C-X75 will have a 50 kilometer range when powered by electric only and it will emit less than 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Jaguar, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors , describes the C-X75 as an exclusive, hybrid supercar.  They are working with British Formula 1 race car team and constructors Williams F1 to build and design the car’s aerodynamics, carbon composites and hybrid technologies.  The C-X75 announcement comes about 2 months after luxury brand Rolls Royce said it will build an experimental electric version of its luxury Phantom car. Rolls Royce, owned by Germany’s BMW, has not committed to building commercial models of the electric vehicle.

The C-X75 will have a carbon fiber chassis and Jaguar will only make 250 of them over a two-year span beginning in late 2013. The car will sell for between $1.2 million and $1.5 million and that does include delivery.

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Driving the Auto Part Sale in Reverse

While many types of businesses have made the move into online sales, the auto parts industry has an especially unique set of challenges. Most of the time an auto part sale begins with a customer calling in or coming into the store and telling you what part they need for the kind of vehicle they have. As you look up the part you can ask them what options or features they may have and direct them to exactly what they need. Most of the time.

With online sales, which may include your web site or a larger online entity that you may have set up shop with, the process has to run in reverse. A sale will arrive in your inbox but without any way to know if it is the correct part for their vehicle. So begins the verification process. It is now necessary to call or e-mail the customer to verify they knew what they were doing when they ordered. But is this cost effective? Wouldn’t it be better to save that effort and just take the cash and ship the part?

From my experience, one out of every seven customers is buying the wrong part from your online store. Not only will this not sit well with the customer because as we all know, they are always right, but it is going to cost you and your staff time and time is money. It’s not possible to bring the number of incorrect part orders down to zero but it is possible to improve if you are seeing a high number of orders sent back, cancelled, or even waking up to the dreaded red dot in your feedback. And its usually from a customer who never even contacted you to give you a chance to make it right.

Your first line of defense is the quality of information you give them. Your listings and part descriptions need to speak to the non-automotive person. Many of the codes and abbreviations in parts data is a foreign language to your shoppers. A glossary of terms that elaborates on the information is always helpful. Use bold or colored text to bring attention to important items. And, if possible, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can also add an online verification request form to your web site. This may encourage internet shoppers who shop online because they don’t want to interact with anyone to send you some of their vehicle info in partial anonymity before they buy. You could even offer incentives for people contact you before they buy. This may not work if you sell through a larger entity who wants the sale to stay on their site but it is a great way increase contact, and traffic, through your web site.

Whatever methods you choose the best thing to do when you see that order for a part with several options and production dates is throw it reverse and drive that sale backwards. You will have to cancel some orders and give some refunds but your customers will thank you for it. And in the long run, the money you save on lost productivity and shipping fees that cost you more than what you actually charged will put you ahead of the game. Not to mention the positive comments you’ll get from the buyer that just might encourage someone else to buy from you.

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